Ubuntu para Pi


Since the Raspberry Pi was launched many people have asked, and still ask, if/when Ubuntu will be available for the Raspberry Pi. As Canonical decided to only provide support for ARMv7 and higher architecture, for optimal performance and user experience on recent hardware, and Raspberry Pi is powered by Broadcom BCM2835 processor based on ARMv6 architecture, this did not happen, and instead a version of Debian called Raspbian became popular, and is still the main OS used by most people. But a team of developers in the UK has recently decided to give it a try and launched a flexible Indiegogo campaign in order to purchase enough Raspberry Pi boards and required accessories (power supplies, SD cards, cables…) to setup a build farm for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Ubuntu 13.10, and Ubuntu 14.04.

They plan to acquire at least 32 Raspberry Pi boards for their build farm. But don’t get too excited, especially if you plan to run Ubuntu desktop on the Raspberry Pi, as the project focuses on running Ubuntu server, or something similar that boots to the command line. Running the desktop version of Ubuntu would be a bonus for the project. One the problem with using a Raspberry Pi to build package is the limited RAM, which means some of the larger packages, such as webkit, are likely to fail during linking, the last part of building of package. One way they plan to work around the memory issue is using swap on a SSD. It may work but this is likely to take a while, something like maybe a week or two for linking these larger packages.