ThinClient Raspi

RPi-TC ARMv6j Release 5


– Debian Jessie ARMv6j armel Kernel 3.10.19 (dual Kernel)
– Citrix Receiver v13.0
– VMWare View Client 1.7.0 (no PCoIP)
– Quest vWorkspaces 7.0b
– RDesktop 1.7.1
– xFreeRDP 1.1.0-beta1
– OpenNX
– X2GO client
– SPICE GTK+ 0.21 Client (virt-viewer 0.5.7)
– TN5250 client 0.17.4
– x3270 client 3.3.10
– Iceweasel 24.1 with ICA & Spicy plugins enabled
– rebuilded and updated over 200 packages
– SSH and VNC server on standar port
– default users profile in BOOT partition
– hostname generated on macaddress at boot
– Fast & nice startup and shutdown video 🙂

NEW feature:
– Administration mode: press K (shift+k) during boot video intro to enable root mode, before entering root mode you will be prompted for a password, put LOL (uppercase) to continue.
– Browser mode: press B (shift+b) during boot video intro to enter in browser kiosk mode.
– added console x3270
– added numlockx
– added Raspberry Pi tvservice and other binary
– added customizable Sysinfo on screen (IP, MAC etc)
– added shutdown/reboot video

BUG solved:
– VNCServer «buffer overflow detected» solved
– dpkg-reconfigure is in sudoers now, user can change locales and keyboard layout
– libwayland-server0 on dpkg autoremove solved
– libculr0 rebuilded and relinked for Spicy client
– finally! solved wrong dependencies on mesa 9.1.x + libwayland0
– merged patch for 70-persistent-net.rules
– merged patch for menu.xml
– merged patch for